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So, by now you’re wondering what Make Them BEG actually IS. It’s a fully self-contained virtual training program. We’ve taken the best from ALL of our various workshops, seminars and trainings and compiled them into a 7-module online series that you can do anytime, anywhere, at your own pace (though the best way to do it is FAST.)

The 7-module virtual program will take you step-by-step through the Make Them BEG DVD Program – virtually. Starting with the strategic questions about who you are, what you do and why you do it… all the way to HOW to get yourself known for it, and get other people talking about it. This resource is meant to fast-track your progress and prevent you from making mistakes that will slow you down.

We’ve loaded these modules with examples and case studies so you can see how what you are doing has worked for others and then we virtually coach you to best apply it to your own personal brand. Our students have seen stellar results and we’ve run more than 187 of them through this module – with word-of-mouth referrals being the #1 source of new students.

As soon as you join the program, you’ll receive a welcome email immediately with access to the goods!! In the old days, our students had to wait up to 2 weeks for their program to arrive in the mail, but no longer. Lucky you, we just recently started delivering the WHOLE COURSE online so you can get started right away and keep your momentum going!

In that email you’ll find:
  • Links to the 7 modules filled with everything you need to know laid out for you step-by-step, so there’s no guesswork.
  • Link to the handy-dandy workbook so you can follow along and take notes.
  • 13 pages of step-by-step, A-to-Z exercises and instruction for building your brand from the bottom up.
  • Lifetime access to our students-only special calls, webinars, special offers, and limited opportunities (like last year’s free 1-day mastermind for all MTB students, which over 80 students attended)
[ Our Promise To You ]

We’re so committed to you and to Make Them BEG that we’re offering a yearlong no-questions-asked guarantee.

From your start date, you’ll have a full year to review the program, apply it, see how it works for you, and observe the results. If you don’t think it’s transformed your business, your career, your levels of success, and your own expectations about what’s possible, then just contact us to send back your materials, and we’ll refund the whole thing – no questions asked.

We are so committed to your success that we don’t even WANT to keep your payment if it doesn’t work (not to mention that would be terrible karma!).

Start transforming your business and your life today – learn how to Make Them BEG by enrolling in the the training below!

Michelle Villalobos & Jessica Kizorek

Invest $497 in yourself today, and develop the skills to Make Them BEG!

Questions about Make Them BEG?

Call Toma: 831-402-5574 tr@makethembeg.com

Student Reviews

You and Michelle really did inspire me and Rodney to double our prices and succeed when we did. The more we believe in the value of what we offer, and the better we get at projecting that belief and confidence, the more success we find. And that's something you drove home to us and everyone who has watched your videos.

Stacey E. Blau

Make Them BEG has taught me confidence and perspective. We developed the ‘Start a Fire’ campaign marketing packages since I began watching the DVDs, and it made me realize that we were giving away incredible insight free of charge. These packages have allowed us to take pride in our work and in turn, our clients have begun to develop a greater appreciation for what we provide.

Luly Carreras-Balepogi

The clarity with which you broke down the distinction between attracting, capturing leads and communicating has given me many new ideas of how to gain new business. You leave me feeling like a badass and that rocks!

Jay Jiggins

I am literally at the beginning of my Make Them BEG journey (after completing the videos...so much great homework!) and I have this sense of INEVITABLE success that is very, very cool.

April Norris

Make Them BEG has given me a clear picture of what my personal brand looks like and how to live into it. The enormous feedback from the group and sharing with others make the light bulb come on for me.

Kathy Dedek

After Make Them BEG, I have a greater sense of confidence around who I can be in the world.

Cindy Iglesias

Thank you so much. Just watched the first DVD, and wow….you guys have moved me! Several problems I’ve been stuck in are totally solved. I’m now in a new space. I feel the momentum building. I’m ready for what’s next. Bring it on!

Tara Taglienti

I knew that personal branding was vital to my business but today, I saw the big picture like I’ve not seen it before. Not only did I become aware of what’s not working in my business, but I’m walking away with great ideas and inspiration. Thanks Jess & Michelle – Make Them BEG LIVE rocked.

Osmara Vindel

After Make Them BEG I publically affirmed my plans of re-directing my career towards spiritual healing. For the first time I’m feeling more empowered and confidant than ever before in making such a huge shift. You gave me great advice on how to get started. Now that I see the end goal so clearly, I’m ready to get started.

Amber Izzard